Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Child #3

We began the paperwork for our next child in February of 2011. We were using the same adoption agency, International Family Services, so I expected the adoption to be very similar to our first...
When we had adopted Kristina, they had told me where to sign, what to get notarized, where to mail things...everything had flowed along perfectly! This time, our luck had run out! Immigration lost our paperwork, our homestudy had to be done twice (by different social workers!), China rejected some of our forms. It quickly became obvious that we would not be bringing home our child by the October date they had told us to expect.
We were finally able to see a photo of our daughter on August 1st, 2011, which happened to be her 1st birthday. She has medical issues, but after all the diagnoses Nate and Gabe had, this is NOTHING!
We have had one delay after another. It was heartbreaking that she wouldn't be home for Christmas. Six months after she was chosen, she is still waiting in the orphanage.
Fortunately, there have been other WONDERFUL adoptive mommies that have been in the orphanage and have sent me pictures of our little girl!
(She is in yellow, falling forward.)
In every picture, she has a "Mohawk". The other Mothers tell me that she is easy to pick out in the orphanage because her hair always sticks up.
Don't worry, Little Girl, I will pack bows and hair gel in your diaper bag!

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