Monday, February 13, 2012

Child #4?!?! Really???

Josh told me before we got married that he only wanted ONE child. I'm grateful that he has agreed to bring three children into our family, but he knows I would like more kids.

Friday, he reminded me that this will be our FINAL adoption. I don't know what prompted him to tell me again, but he did....

Less than 24-hours later, someone sent me an email about a 13 year old girl in China.

Chinese children are not eligible for adoption after their 14th birthday, so I get emails periodically about children that are aging out. Each one pulls at my heart strings! I usually forward the emails on, hoping that they will reach someone that will adopt that child, but this particular email, I read to Josh:

This beautiful and innocent child will age out on March 18th. So
far her family has not stepped forward. If they don't, and soon, she will
not only lose her right to a family but she will also lose the ability
for the monthly blood transfusions that she so desperately needs to
live. Please look into your heart!  We are right at the deadline for a
family to grab her! If you try hard enough, you could make it there in
time!  She deserves her family.
(taken March 2009)
Josh immediately told me that we might be able to adopt her and to get some more information. I spent a LONG TIME talking to the gal that sent the email.
Then, I got on the phone with my agency...500 phone calls later, I still don't know much. All of our paperwork has been emailed to the right people, but it would take a miracle for her adoption to be finalized in the next 40-days.
The financial side of completing ONE adoption is intimidating...doing two adoptions simultaneously is SCARY! There is no way that we can afford to travel to China for twice, so both adoptions need to be finalized by March 17th.
Please pray for her!!!

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  1. I have to tell you that I am one of the many moms that contemplated whether or not we could make Naomi a part of our family. I so wanted to pursue her adoption but too many issues got in the way. I am so happy to see that you have decided to make her a part of your family and to share this journey with us through your blog! (and the name Naomi is one that was on my list of possibilities!)