Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How we "met" our girls:

Someone suggested I share how we were introduced to our to-be-soon-adopted-daughters.

With Leina, we recieved a middle of the night email and photo.  The team that searches the shared-list for children that meet your criteria live in Missouri, but works China-hours, so it's not uncommon to be woken in the middle of the night with good news!  :)  The next week was spent rushing to get paperwork to China before their 72-hour deadline.

I absolutely LOVE our adoption agency!

We were introduced to Naomi with an email written by someone advocating for kids that have almost aged-out.  I have a HUGE amount of love and respect for these people! 

One of them put together a brief you-tube video about her: 

At this point, Leina is a done-deal.  Depending on paperwork processing times, we might not be able to hold her until April, but she's OURS! 

Naomi, is still going to be down-to-the-last minute.  I am hoping like crazy that immigration approves our I-800 by Friday.

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  1. We are adopting Dusty who is also one of the aging out kiddos. We too are hoping to have his I800 approved by Friday because we have a four year old whose paperwork is being held for TA waiting for Dusty's to "catch up". Congratulations!! Maybe we will be in Guangzhou around the same time.