Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Story of your Sister...

My girls have always enjoyed hearing the story of how they joined our family.  Morgan's story begins with a positive pregnancy test.  Kristina's story begins with me walking into her orphanage. 

They know bits and pieces of Leina's story.

Tonight, I told the girls Naomi's story.  I told them about how she was found, alone and sick.  I told them about her medical problems.  I told them how she wants a family, but nobody has chosen her. 

I did not tell them we are adopting her.  Josh doesn't want them to know until our I-800 has been approved.  I wanted them to at least begin praying for this girl, even though they don't know she will be their sister soon.

It is exactly 1-month before her birthday.  She has 29 days to be adopted.  I can't imagine how scared and alone she feels right now!  I am allowed to contact her as soon as we have I-800 approval.  The letter is translated, the family photos are printed, and the envelope is sealed.  I hope it gets to her before we get there.


  1. I think the way you are unfolding this for your other daughters is very wise. Such a sweet, weet story God is writing here.

    And I cannot believe the TIMELINE!!! Oh my!! Thanks for the blog and the email and the FB add.

    We are all so thrilled for you, your family and Naomi.

  2. Wow - love your faith and heart for your 13 yr old daughter! I'm praying that God is preparing her heart for a whole new life ahead! You will a wonderful family for her!

  3. So excited to 'meet' this little girl's new family. I have been following her on the advocacy sites and was thrilled when I hear she had a family. We are waiting for TA, so perhaps we will cross paths.

  4. I am SO, SO, SO incredibly happy for Kate and for you all! I have prayed and prayed for her over the course of the past few weeks knowing her situation was becoming desperate. I asked God to do a miracle for her; what an honor to be able to see her miracle unfolding! I would also like to donate to your chip-in, but when I click on it it says the site's security certificate is expired. Can you advise about this?

  5. Congratulations!!! This time last year, we were in a paperchase for our daughter - soon to be aging out. From the first time we saw her file until she was in my arms, was 10 weeks (2 days later we added another daughter to our family). The paperwork can be done quickly, and though right now it seems as though life is a whirlwind, soon you'll be holding your two new daughters in your arms. Then the chaos will all be worth it :-). A letter is good - our daughter got her's three days before we met, and it helped calm fears for her and her foster family. Praying for you all!